Drive-by Posts

Look, I just want my own little microblog


I love this show send tweet

I am rly that clown that imprints hard on the stories of my youth. My working life is basically superman. My academic interests are basically parts of psychohistory (or rl analogues). 🥲☠️☠️☠️ The more ppl know about the story elements from Foundation, the more exposed I’ll feel. Signed, the person who unironically says, ‘but the probability isn’t zero, is it?’

ADHD supplement notes

Got some caffeine, omega-3, and phospholipid supplements and the first half a tab of the caffeine one in the morning was A-OK. The second one post-lunch was a biiiit too much. the rest, Wallahualam.

Blackout blisters

Anyway that’s how I found out tht the one pretty glass candle holder is the thin non-insulating sort. Gotta stick with the lotus ones i got from the Chinese prayer shop. Also, clip-on selfie lights: so useful. I gotta get more. Along with solar panel chargers methinks.

Early weekend tv notes

Foundation: it works so well because of the sff tropes not in the original. 😂;

Doom Patrol: it’s a crime that umbrella academy gets more eyeballs;

Superman & Lois (again): Oh i don’t hate it after all. just the teen stuff.

It’s October

I can’t believe I’m approaching my second birthday being sat at home in a pandemic. I’m keeping it as normal as possible by not only working, but working working (this time as organising team for the office internal planning). Nothing can still beat having technically the longest birthday ever because I was work travelling though.

testy drivey

Expect to see more random, more unstructured, posts because I really am trying to make more use of this site. Also, yet another to-post idea: I got into one Turkish historical show and it’s… interesting.