Drive-By Posts

Foundation finale thoughts

This is a pretty inventive adaptation, it does have the luxury of the folding in the retcons as well interrogating aspects of the initial plotting. I need a Hugo.

Quixotic commenter

It is I, the person who attends webinars on local weaving traditions and leaving futile post-event survey feedback about how there’s a whole overlooked market of local knitters/crocheters/whathaveyou who are also textile nerds.


the missteps in are as interesting to think about as the story turns that did work, i find. also, can’t hate a movie that has genderbent aro stucky au that is gilgamesh/thena.

Feline wealth index

Per this tweet, i am proposing a new proxy economic indicator for ex/urban Malaysian neighbourhoods esp with significant % Muslim households

Doom Patrol

2 weeks in a row that this show made me tear up. Is it me or is this season about growing up and out of youthful delusions?

Kartini (2017)

the girlboss feminism across the colonial elite classes story i’ve been looking for lmao

Shang Chi

Is it me or is there a surprising amount of Malaysian elements in this movie. Anyway lol, the whole bus scene and I was like, aww that street’s where I used to work.

I blame the knitting

Too obsessed with this sample knit, can’t even think to post about Dune or this weaving virtual exhibition i went to, or this other conference, and the amount of reads! Knit is done so uh now back to the work backlog.

Need more hands, need more time

I’m gonna make a proper post i swear once i actually get to a point in my knitting experiment that’s worth documenting. In the meantime, let me find a lecture to listen to.