Here's what I nattered about last week

I've basically set up my own pseudo-microblog, so I'll be having more short tangents in between the larger posts, which I'm realising I'm putting a lot of mental burden of expectations on myself. yet, somehow, i have energy to pick fights on twitter? go figure.

you can tell which is which by lack of images and teaser text, so click through only for any random shouting at me, should you wish :D

i'll be sending out these weekly updates on Monday from now on, so, yes, i'm still alive!

Need more hands, need more time

I'm gonna make a proper post i swear once i actually get to a point in my knitting experiment that's worth documenting. In the meantime, let me find a lecture to listen to.

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Not sure how, hey I'm doing a reading next week, are you interested, became, so hey, this got some funding and it's actually a pseudo-audition and you're reading for three parts, and the producers might be there but don't worry about it.

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feel free to browse around my website, i'm *pretty* sure I've posted more than 3 entries at this rate.
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