Here's what I nattered about last week

I've basically set up my own pseudo-microblog, so I'll be having more short tangents in between the larger posts, which I'm realising I'm putting a lot of mental burden of expectations on myself. yet, somehow, i have energy to pick fights on twitter? go figure.

you can tell which is which by lack of images and teaser text, so click through only for any random shouting at me, should you wish :D

i'll be sending out these weekly updates on Monday from now on, so, yes, i'm still alive!

The paycheque is nice but what exactly is A Career?

Anyway work-related get-togethers are always so treacherous, because you might make the mistake of making A Good Impression.

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I love this show send tweet

I am rly that clown that imprints hard on the stories of my youth. My working life is basically superman. My academic interests are basically parts of psychohistory (or rl analogues). 🥲☠️☠️☠️ The more ppl know about the story elements from Foundation, the more exposed I'll feel. Signed, the person who unironically says, 'but the probability isn't zero, is it?'

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ADHD supplement notes

Got some caffeine, omega-3, and phospholipid supplements and the first half a tab of the caffeine one in the morning was A-OK. The second one post-lunch was a biiiit too much. the rest, Wallahualam.

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The discomfort of being perceived

Updated the other org's website with the recording of the panel i was in, and argh! The editorial hat can't be removed and i have many notes for myself.

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feel free to browse around my website, i'm *pretty* sure I've posted more than 3 entries at this rate.
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