this was originally sent out on May 12, 2021

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heyyyyy look at this swishy new newsletter.

hey guys! Nina here. Yes, it's a brand new newsletter update, but not on substack.

If you hadn't been aware, substack, like all things online have started to hit the gas in monetising its userbase, which apparently includes predatory publishing practices, as well as opening the gates to TERF-ery and other kancel kulture klan shennanigans. Now I am a nobody, but one of the people I follow, just posted this: I Am Leaving Substack, which just underscored to me that since I do have this self-hosted wordpress site, then this is one compromise I don't need to do. He's moving to Ghost, which is a non-profit joint, and we need more of that in the growing corporatisation of cyberspace, so if you're looking for alternatives, you can check it out.

In my case, what I'll be doing is running this newsletter directly from the backend of my site. What it means for you guys? Nothing much. Hopefully the newsletter now will actually look more interesting and integrated with my site. And look below! Updates!

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