Picking up Tunisian crochet

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Another ADHD-fueled rabbithole

my pandemic habit has been periodically checking in on several search terms every couple of months on Shopee and Lazada. It scratches the itch of having to get something nownownow, and occasionally I’ll make a find (like this clear transparent no-fog face mask that I need to post about, at some point). at other times, it just means I’ll take another look at something I’ve put off ‘for another day’. Which brings me to tunisian crochet.

trying out the honeycomb stitch

I still needed to crochet with doubled yarns because I do make teeny tiny gauged laceweight ones. So this one is a combination of one of my grey alpaca and the merino is in this lisa frank-type unicorn colourway. Of course, this just led me to think, what if I chain-ply with doubled singles to begin with? So now I have a rambouillet single + a merino one in that lisa frank aesthetic being plied on the drop spindle I got from Tokyo (those are turning out to be my favourites for plying, honestly), that’s working out to be a six-ply sportweight yarn.

Of course that meant I should spin a fresh batch with a slightly thicker grist, right? Obviously. So that’s what I’m actively spinning now, for a 3- or 4-ply, I’m not sure yet, but it is with one of the merino rovings that I got from World of Wool, which is a bit more pastel in its lisa frank-ness (though literally named ‘unicorn’) and a bit softer hand too than the one I mentioned earlier. It’s looking more lilac-y on the spindle, rather than pink. And that just makes me think maybe I should get more WoW rovings, since they’re processed so well…

I’m just trying to distract myself that I’m running out of this gorgeous blue-green one below, which I got from a NZ shop, and the colourway itself is a limited run. I’m crying bitter tears. 

It’s so pretty but I’ve been so careless in budgeting its use. Insaaaaaf.
they're sold in sets, and all things considered, a bargain

I was actually browsing Shopee hoping against hope to find some kind of loom that’s not a hobbyist tapestry one. Sometimes you do wonder about the market patterns over why certain things are just available in the first place, from these China OEMs. Like, why these? I’m benefiting from it but it is worth an idle cafe chitchat fodder or two. I am enjoying it so far, it’s certainly faster than crochet in the sense I’m not so preoccupied into making sure I’m placing my hook in the right stitch (since i can do it by feel like knitting), but it’s definitely more modular in construction than knitting. You can see it’s seems like a hybrid, and one day I’ll find out the socio-anthro reason why this came to be. So the hook is a crochet one, but the longer length means you’re meant to have at least one row of active stitches, because a stitch is completed in two rows, rather than in one, but that’s because you don’t need to actually turn the work. In any case, the version above in bamboo, because of the plastic cables, are also called Afghan crochet hooks, but they’re essentially the same. Perfect for blankets, but the set I got starts at 3mm, so I should make more yarn first… and on that note:

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