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sure, i did intend to make another post before sending out a newsletter, but you know, the flush of a fresh post and all that… and what do i find, with the server migration, and upgraded security features it suddenly meant that i was having permission issues in actually sending out a newsletter. So now I have a second post after all (this one, for those following at home). The solution, after a lot of googling and poking around, was out of my hands — well, beyond treating the mod_sec plugin like an analogue tv and simply toggling it on and off as needed. unfortunately it’s one of those episodes where the only thing separating me and tech support is the administrative privileges, so I had to sit on myself waiting for them to come to the same conclusion as I did, although apparently they couldn’t fix it through whitelisting either. 

ANYWAY, of course the noodling around meant I tested out the other newsletter plugin I’m using for the ngo site (and I’m a lot more happier with the features and the way it’s designed), and of course I tried on a fresh wordpress installation, so of course that meant might as well make a new site. Mainly because the new installation availed me to the WP plugins/features that comes with the plan instead of the jury-rigged collection I did.

Seriously, I refuse to entertain any impostor syndrome over listing my skills as a web developer on my cv by this point. 

Let’s review what I’ve picked up this round:

  1. Setting up a proper 301 redirect; fixing up the htaccess file of the old blog so it all reroutes here;
  2. Learning which security plugins causes conflicts;
  3. Doing a wordpress theme from scratch; creating a child theme, editing the php files, brushing off my rusty CSS skills.
  4. Picking up some basics about DNS zones, and properly setting them up so I can do mailouts properly.

Might not seem a lot, but that is a lot of googling, including knowing what to google.

And things also continued to look up: I finally managed to recover one of my emails. It’s an annoying case, I had forgotten my password when I had to change devices, and I decided to not pursue it for a bit. In the meantime, some other Nina had been blithely using a variation of my email (and gmail is very insistent about it all being the same email, ie mine, but then how come that person managed to use her variation enough she was confidently signing up for things and work correspondence??). The resulting confusion in usage patterns meant, despite ALL THE RECOVERY DEVICES being mine, Google consistently refused to let me in.

Until this week. Because this other Nina was also trying to recover access (and I’m still confused about this, tbqh), and because, you know, part of my due diligence with my accounts was setting up forwarding addresses, I got the alert, and decided to try my luck again. 

The back and forth earlier this year with Google support was so frustrating in hindsight. I got back in, rechecked all my verification methods, and they’re still mine! Argh! Years’ worth of spam because of this nonsense. And it’s not just one other Nina either. Google can say all they want about any variations in the dots and dashes or not still goes to the same account, but clearly a couple of them either had a functioning inbox enough to have a proper email life. Or a non-functioning brain that they persisted anyway.  The last straw yesterday was me having to call the Starwood Group hotline just to ask if they could put a note for Mumbai!Nina to stop trying to register for Marriot points with that email. A couple of years ago I had to email one of the co-workers of one of the California!Nina to please stop sendng me work messages. All the Ninas in my inbox, my very own Web 2.0 Orphan Black situation.

Second year of the Islamic New Year in lockdown, though a set of relaxed rules for the fully vaccinated has been announced. This despite the still low rates of vaccination and general case load. Based on what I’ve heard as well as read, their metric for ‘reopening the economy’ was based on the UK and India trends plus the Labuan and Sarawak performance… which I’m not too confident is analogous, because the conditions are sufficiently different. I’d get into it, but my brain’s tapped out, and I’m in the middle of another Baahubali rewatch. 

Need to review my various tabs and notes.  This new site layout feels very encouraging for me to post regularly. I hope!


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3 months ago

I forgot to mention in the last post that I like the nifty thing you did with the green progress bar. Very chic. Very mod.

I had long suspected I was an introvert at heart. These last two years have proved beyond a doubt it is true. I am perplexed and slightly terrified at how (desperately) eager SO MANY people are to brush up against complete strangers and be reacquainted to things like maximum elevator capacity and being crushed in a wave of other people’s body odours again. Even living in one of the more naturally socially distanced cultures in the world doesn’t seem to be completely immune to that (or maybe it’s just proximity to a city). I still stand that just because you’ve had both vaccine shots doesn’t give you the certificate of approval to also be an ass and not wear a mask on the train or any public closed space at the start of the traditional flu season.

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