thank god for tea

the longer this goes on, the more it makes sense how, historically, despite the Spanish Flu, you barely hear mentions of it in the still-popular works in the era. I was doing my regular stock photos expedition for my other NGO’s website, and spotting any workplace ones with models posing with face masks on is still something notable. in pop culture, COVID-19 doesn’t exist. maybe at some point, once we have some kind of distance. 

oh shit, i just gave myself a fic idea

i was just about to celebrate my win of successfully switching hosting packages to a better-featured-yet-cheaper plan, and i was pleasantly puttering around making a set of pix for some movies i wanted to post a review about, when the legacy of a badly run site (the NGO one) bit us (well, really, it’s me) in the butt and it got wiped clean due to a malware infestation by the host. I at least did have a backup (which was a bit of to-do itself because I didn’t manage to download it before the account suspension, but at least they did do the bare minimum and provided a zipped download), but no other technical support other than this mythical “IT guy” who is basically this guy they hired this one time, and has been expecting free labour since. To no one’s surprise he takes his own sweet time replying. 

I am STILL steaming even if I’m trying to be fair about it all. There’s a number of things going on, from that whole disrespect of labour you don’t understand so naturally you get shitty service, which I’m inheriting and trying to fix (so, on one hand i can probably now list an array of WordPress developer skillsets on my CV, but also on the other hand, this provider, Hostmetro, really go out of their way to kneecap the CPanel functionality, AND still charges the poor fellow who owns the account an annual fee for every SSL certificate, for each site he’s got), to the fact this is a specific family of skills that I only got a start in because of my boarding school took part in this international school competition back in the late 1990s that matched schools around the world and we needed to do websites, and I seriously still can’t believe we’re Old Millenials who accidentally wrote an MMORPG on Web 1.0 coding pls insert death skull emoji here, so I really did grow up living through the various historical eras of web development, so brushing off the cobwebs of my outdated knowledge base was very simple for me. And it started because the provider for this site is a nice and decent company that gave me the full complement of CPanel features, so I learned very fast to move away from the Weebly interface, and set up WordPress etc etc etc. But that other provider… jfc. Stuff you can’t access on CPanel: 

  1. the basic CPanel backup function, whatmore the Backup Wizard
  2. the SSL/TSL functionality, which needs you to raise a ticket
  3. the PHP version selector
  4. i can’t remember if there’s any more but those are definitely the most egregious to me.
  5. no wait
Madeline Kahn's quote from the movie Clue:
me this entire week, i am not even kidding

But that meant I couldn’t easily ask anyone to pitch in help for free, at least in the NGO anyway. The result being this whole week I’m just learning front-end developing skills by Google (as usual), taking up the bandwidth I needed to finalise the Strategic Plan for the term, or at least a workplan, for the Exco meeting this weekend! At least i have a pseudo-Theory of Change drawn up except it’s more of a roadmap because like a lot of people, ToCs can be tricky because it encourages your brain to go several steps ahead to problem resolution without fully articulating the full array of the problem and its cause, effect, and other dimensions. 

Yes, I should be working on that now, but I need a good vent, and fine, I’ll just throw it up on ppt later or something. 

That particular pickle became more urgent especially as we’re now in August and I have a basket of (brief, thankfully) proposals to do, which I might have mentioned. But also, how to put this diplomatically… it’s incredible the opportunities that rush in when you eventually managed to rebuild burnt bridges (pride goeth before a fall, indeed). So suddenly, I’m fielding calls and meetings from people who’s been wanting to see this organisation resuscitated. IN THE MEANTIME, i have to spend the bandwidth to diplomatically emphasise to the old guard that their ideas are great but i really need to see a workplan because who the fuck will be executing them? There’s a current project right now that is literally going to be dead on arrival and an embarrassment for us because of that habit of having grand ideas and no interest to actually manage it, leading to the one person who had to do it all in the midst of an ill (and now dead) relative, going completely radio silent now and i personally don’t blame them one bit holy shit.

(i don’t even want to get into how it was designed and how far away from its objectives the execution has been). 

and the absolute cheek for one of them to then ask me if they can hand this over to me, and i’m like oh no, you don’t. it’s your project, you see it through.  that after complimenting me about how much i’m doing, what the absolute hell. 

Should I take Ritalin for the meeting? Maybe I should.

The good thing about all that chicanery is I’m mentally paying attention to local politics but not much left for an emotional reaction. Except maybe, I wish them nothing but the absolute worst for the rest of their lives and their families too, the ones who’re actively benefiting and not saying shit.

Switching to quality Chinese loose tea also has buoyed my mood considerably. Currently in a phase of regularly watching Chinese and Turkish imperial court historical dramas, and me just loving the aesthetic of indoor stoves. Serialised dramas beyond 12 episodes, not so much. The regular watchparties are the only reason why I’m even making a dent (though the Nirvana in Fire one is more regimented while the Ertugrul one with my bestie is at best once every 2 weeks, usually prompted by a, ‘today?’) which I love for the socialising but I am looking forward to my valuable evening slug hours. Count me as a person with ADHD for which body doubling is an absolute failure. It’s the extroversion, I’m sure. 

Anyway, I’m just a basic bitch who loves the standard Yunnan black tea and lapsang souchong. It did got me back into the incredibly nerdy arms of Hojo Tea. I swear 70% of the reason why I’m a regular there is the fact the guy will over-explain everything in (Japanese) English. The tea’s incredible too. Or at least to my taste. If anyone else like strong-bodied tea, I would personally recommend the karigane for the green tea. Very umami. 

I’m also trying to resume daily journalling again. The logging and planning I was doing was fine, but yeah, it was too much prep. But not unloading the day was also not helping, especially with my memory recall issues. I had a 5 year journal and everything… lord, should i resume that one? no data is still data after all. 

Ok, close to midnight. Time to cap off this entry. Time to work on that workplan

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3 months ago

I understand barely none of this post and I’m supposed to be an expert in the digital field. Loose leaf tea is nice.

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