So my friend L and I, months back, decided to buy ourselves a couple of adopt-a-butterfly kits from the Melaka Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary, a local private park, who, like many other attractions, are severely affected by the pandemic. Been meaning to make a post about this little adventure, but you know, life. 

Never been to the place,but I never remember to plan well ahead to get to these sorts of theme parks. They look pretty decent though, based on the Says writeup that was how we found out about them, and the adopt-a-butterfly kit was foolproof enough.

Between the two of us, we got two Chocolate Pansies and Plain Tigers each. You can see everything was well-packed, with a handful of reading material including the instructions on how to assemble each jar where the pupae/chrysalis should be housed for about a week or so. 

I tried my best, worrying that I was going to kill them every day. It was also a hot spell so I also happened to buy A LOT of portable humidifiers/misters, plus at night i tend to play tropical forest sounds. I guess I was a lot more prepared than I thought!

L came by over the weekend as planned, just in time to see them butterflies emerge. After a week of waiting (well, I did get to see the pupae getting engorged and translucent), the moment the chrysalis was ready to rupture in the morning, the rest of it went by in a blink of an eye. By the afternoon, these babies were ready to fly… I love them!

I took some videos as well, I even tried to cut and edit the second one too. ~professional~


the hatching

If you’re interested, get some kit jars here. They’re also starting weekly Zoom tours also (which I’m planning to go, once my weekends settle down…).

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