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What the quarantimes have taught me: not skimp on hair bleach quality. I’ve always liked to do my own hair colour, but in recent years I’ve either stuck to box dyes or professional salon service when I’m feeling flush. Well, since we can’t get back to the salon, and I was feeling antsy (since it’s not like I need to show it to anyone at work), i thought, well, ‘why not pink?’. 

Now after a year using Schwarzkopf’s Igora Vario Blond Super Plus bleach powder (the blue tub, 2nd from the left), I can definitely fully whole-heartedly recommend this. 

There’s something to its Fibre Bond Technology claim, as well as the claim that it can lighten up to 8 levels.

 I decided to be conservative and also use Schwarzkopf’s Igora Royal Oil Developer (I use 30 vol or 9%), and not stray off-brand. (btw i really like this shop, though I found them first on Lazada)

throughout the process my hair hasn’t suffered at all. and if my scalp hurt it’s in the 2nd or 3rd go (yes, yes, I know… but i’ve learned! or will do!). and look at the result, it’s impressive as fuck.

1 year ago - growing out the red


1 year ago – growing out the red
did my own trim and dye


did my own trim and dye
MCO relaxed a little so went to the salon for the cut


MCO relaxed a little so went to the salon for the cut
back to my own-cut bullshit


back to my own-cut bullshit


Admittedly, I wouldn’t class my hair as the stereotypical straight black Asian hair. I’m in the southeast asian wavy and a little brunette side of the haplotype. I keep joking somewhere in my extremely vigorous (read: slutty) family tree, a random Germanic idiot ended up along the coastline. i don’t mean to call out my ancestors, but coastal sea-trading peoples have no fear. It needn’t even be so far. Mongols were everywhere. All I can say, for all my known Bugis and Northern Peninsula heritage, i look like a smushed up photo of everyone in the region.

This round I originally wanted to refresh my faded pink (which turns a not-bad peachy pink) into a silver do with pink tips. My hair was growing out so much it was getting to be a very respectable ponytail tied up, and left down it’s well past my shoulders. So I sheared it off and then spent the rest of the evening periodically evening out the layers and trimming the ends. But I was getting the hang of not getting patchy results, and this time around there’s barely any orange tones left, and holy shit, i actually have the colouring for platinum eurotrash blonde. So I guess I’m keeping it for a bit until it needs refreshing, then we’ll go into that silver & pink plan. Also that nutty hair cut actually works! That’s me with blonde with no styling.

Igora Vario Blond Super Plus

  • High performance white dust-free bleaching or lightening powder with anti-yellow effect, lightening up to 8 levels of lift and precise neutralization 
  • Formulated with Fibre Bond Technology to enforce bonds within the hair fiber to reduce hair breakage.
  • A rich and creamy texture for optimal adherence.
  • Formula ideally suited to all bleaching or lightening techniques.

Igora Royal Oil Developer

  • Blends seamlessly with Igora Royal colour to achieve perfect coverage and colour equalisation.
  • Using its innovative colour crystal complex, Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Oil Developer seals in colour for optimum vibrancy and shine.
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Oil Developer also strengthens the hair structure and intensely conditions the hair using a blend of Miracle Tree proteins.

My Platinum Blonde tips

  • definitely bleach on dirty, unwashed hair
  • for my hair length, about 80g of bleach powder (and 160g of developer/peroxide) seems about right. 
  • solo bleach jobs can’t be fussy – i basically fingercombed it through, no brushes. wear gloves! unless you know what you’re doing with a wide-toothed comb, absolutely don’t try to comb your hair halfway to distribute the bleach solution. your hair’s vulnerable now. 
  • don’t apply to the scalp for the first half of the process. in my case i did it in two rounds (which was more a result of me forgetting about the required amount that worked for my hair), so my scalp still suffered a little by the end since the 2nd go was on freshly washed scalp.
  • but the two rounds worked out for me: the first 40 mins really removed all the existing colour, but some patchiness because of my application. the second round i diluted the peroxide strength by half by adding an equal amount of water (i don’t use volume for this, it’s all mass). the weaker more liquid solution could go through the strands better and after the 40 mins, helped to even out the colour considerably. this solution i started applying closer to the roots, so it looked more grown-in. 
  • my hair was also not blow-dried kind of dry so i’m sure the hair follicles still being a little plump with water helped a lot in regulating the bleach uptake into the hair shaft.
  • purple shampoo and a colour freeze hair mask for conditioner for post-bleach. this helps maintain the colour, and yes, that is considered a toning shampoo, but it’s not a toner. that’s an entirely different thing which is a semi- or demi-permanent colour that will either be combined with a weak strength developer or not. toning shampoo has short-term purple pigments that helps the bleached hair to remain bright. a toner goes all the way to colour correction, which can be useful if you’re looking for a specific kind of blond(e), be it ashy or warm.
  • but if you’re not looking for blondes, then the next step really is to dye your hair. the final success of which depends a lot on how light you managed to get your hair. prior to this, because of me always forgetting to prepare the full amount I know I need, and then needing to correct it in subsequent applications (and this is where this product is amazing because my hair hasn’t yet jettisoned itself from my scalp), my last couple of bleach jobs was always either a little orange or peach, which worked out anyway, because I was going for candy pink.
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7 months ago

I can’t quite contextualize WHY it’s such a victory to be able to pull off eurotrash blonde (and why I’m even a little envious about it) but holy moly do you look like a bombshell and it’s a shame you can’t strut it in Brexit-apocalypse London to test run the theory. ?

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