drive-by: 31 March -3 April

31 march 2021

how is it that when things happen, they really happen? nearly had a very 21st century scare: my phone bricked itself in the middle of my post-work socmed catchup, and it was already 8pm. of course that meant an impulsive decision to drive to the shop, and of course that couldn’t happen immediately because Horlick’s in that young cat phase of ‘i will terrorise every vermin i see’ and his vermin of choice are house geckos. tonight’s specimen was a rather handsome and large spotted one, and i wouldn’t have needed to notice if I didn’t also step on it. (un)fortunately I have a light tread so I had to finish the job with my laundry basket, while Horlicks looked on gormlessly. FYI cicak, darahnya merah. I’m totally stuck in this cycle for at least a couple more reincarnations.

Then at the shop, as I contemplate that this phone is less than a year old, it turned out the service centre is already closed for the day. Then talked to the staff still on duty.

“Well, we could send this to the service centre for the brand but it’ll take a week…”

“What are my other options?”

“You could go directly—”

“And where is it?”

He started to rattle on the locations which were in KL. “No,” I said immediately. “Unacceptable,” because when I’m stressed my mutant power is incredible Karenhood. Is there one in PJ, I asked, and I was provided with: Setia City, Shah Alam— “these are not in PJ.”

“Look, either way, it seems that I won’t have a phone for a week. So I need to ask for a favour: is there anything you can do? Maybe a phone you can spare?” Now this used to be standard practice in your smaller shops, but the more professional the outfit is, the less likely it can be, but! one can hope. Or at least look incredibly pressed about this whole ordeal. 

He took another look at the phone. Let me see what we can do, he mutters while his girlfriend (or a girl who is a friend with whom he was in deep conversation) looks on discreetly away. 

Twenty minutes later, while I work out if I have time to either buy a cheap phone or go to my mobile provider and get an expensive one on contract, it’s fixed. Apparently it’s a software issue?? This phone is not even a year old T_T my incredible luck with digital devices usually gives me that much. 

I can’t believe I stepped on an actual cicak, all soft and squishy-like. Let me now take the space necessary to internally scream about this recalled sensation. 

1 april 2021

~ my new italics (1.1 mm) nibs for my Lamys arrived, finally! the combo with my Diamine inks is so pleasant I might be compelled to do some actual writing. 

Godzilla vs Kong was a pretty solid mid-tier kaiju movie, though Pacific Rim still comfortably holds the top spot amongst western kaiju movies. But the last third was just so delightful to me. I would type this as a mid-tier Heisei-era Gojira with Millenium-era tropes, down to the human characters including the military. Too bad my 2021 resolution is to be smarter than local celebs and politicians, because this movie deserved to be experienced at the cinema. 

3 april 2021

~ my left eye is still recovering from whatever the fuck that went on in my sleep 3 nights ago, and still feeling tender. 

~ how to kill time when you’re the family driver for the day and have an hour+ waiting in the car with none of usual diversions: YOUTUBE KARAOKE BABY big ups to everyone in the kampung for probably not minding the tinny wails of November Rain but it’s probably because it was hot as balls and everyone’s safely inside.

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