March’s Bees

(in my bonnet)

A short roundup of stuff I’ve been doing.

Saw, chisel, and shellac.

random saturday woodworking

Like everyone, working from home has been an experience. In my case, it’s the constant revision and reorganisation of the space.  Finally found a layout that works for me, but the shelf I set up years ago was a serious hindrance in the real estate I have on the desk.  That shelf was awkwardly in the way when the laptop is in use, reducing my desk space by a third.

Been putting off the vague idea I had about cutting it to size somehow, in large part because all the tools I have are old ones from my dad, or the ones intended for much smaller crafting project.

you can guess what happens next. 

let me just say, trying to use a chisel meant for miniature woodworking for this is not impossible, but time-consuming. also hilarious. but it worked! all done according to standard carpentry practice (my dad had the full complement of possible tools, now gently rusting), except for the part where i used a miniature chisel.

tag it. mark it. log it.

I’ll get around to making a stationery recs post for sure, but this year I finally hit my current ideal of a bullet journal + planner + notebook. I’m delighted by the notebook, which is B6-sized Tomoe River paper notebook by this pen shop in SS2. It’s their own house brand so it’s cheap as chips (comparatively), and they used a slightly heavier weight paper than the ones TR themselves use for their branded notebooks, so it takes various pens  and inks very well. minimal shadows and ghosting with the pens i’m using—I just really like it.

Then I finally found the right chronograph stamp, in the right set of silicone stamps, now that Taiwanese shops are listed on Shopee. The catalogue in this one shop was so good, I broke my rule of ‘only local shops’ (for support). 

I’ll probably want to make a longer post about this, but i can definitely see an improvement in my timesheet reporting submission process.


I haven’t got back on the candlemaking wagon yet, but I did impulsively buy some shea butter, which became a solution in need of a problem. The problem (my dry skin and scalp) found, I went on Craftiviti—I really should do that recs list—and got a couple more stuff I’ve never tried before: neem powder and tamanu oil.

 I’ve been using it as an all-over body balm, especially on my drier parts, including my scalp. between the neem and the tamanu, I was hoping it would also cut down on body odour, and it did.  sure beats drinking betel leaf tea daily which I always forget. 

I did work out my ratio recipe but eventually I just winged it, but basically for a solid moisturiser in tropical weather, more beeswax would be a good idea. The ratios that I am including are what I consider pretty important boundaries, but you can play around with the rest. in the end the combo was:

  • shea butter (30%)
  • vegetable lanolin (palm stearate type solid)
  • vegetable glycerin (max 5%)
  • beeswax from the tualang bees I still have around (18%)
  • jojoba oil (min 10%)
  • palm oil
  • tamanu oil (10%)
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