Substack: Kitty!

This is repost from my substack.

Day 2 webinar still ongoing and I have a bit more excel wrangling to do, so let me introduce you to the stray cat who’s managed to domesticate himself into sleeping on my bed right now, a feat only possible because gene spends evenings keeping my mum company

Horlicks! The unreasonably handsome snowshoe siamese mix who’s somehow a stray.

I was planning to get him neutered but MCO happened but I’m really gonna get off my ass to get that sorted because puberty’s hitting him already and we’re all stressed out by this.

Gene has begrudgingly accepted his existence, but not with a lot of grace. My gene is intelligent and sweet with her humans, but her base personality is a fighty gangster so it’s taken most of her higher level intelligence to not literally tear horlicks’ head off. Horlicks himself is no angel, part of his long-term scam is to safely approach her food bowl and help himself even when he has his own bowl!

He’s basically so used to humans now he’s now cuddling me in his sleep. He’s also lethally adorable. I mean, what the fuck is this:

I can’t. I’m gonna go back to excel wrangling.

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