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Need more hands, need more time

I’m gonna make a proper post i swear once i actually get to a point in my knitting experiment that’s worth documenting. In the meantime, let me find a lecture to listen to.


Not sure how, hey I’m doing a reading next week, are you interested, became, so hey, this got some funding and it’s actually a pseudo-audition and you’re reading for three parts, and the producers might be there but don’t worry about it.

I love this show send tweet

I am rly that clown that imprints hard on the stories of my youth. My working life is basically superman. My academic interests are basically parts of psychohistory (or rl analogues). 🥲☠️☠️☠️ The more ppl know about the story elements from Foundation, the more exposed I’ll feel. Signed, the person who unironically says, ‘but the … I love this show send tweet Read More »

ADHD supplement notes

Got some caffeine, omega-3, and phospholipid supplements and the first half a tab of the caffeine one in the morning was A-OK. The second one post-lunch was a biiiit too much. the rest, Wallahualam.