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Foundation finale thoughts

This is a pretty inventive adaptation, it does have the luxury of the folding in the retcons as well interrogating aspects of the initial plotting. I need a Hugo.

Quixotic commenter

It is I, the person who attends webinars on local weaving traditions and leaving futile post-event survey feedback about how there’s a whole overlooked market of local knitters/crocheters/whathaveyou who are also textile nerds.


the missteps in are as interesting to think about as the story turns that did work, i find. also, can’t hate a movie that has genderbent aro stucky au that is gilgamesh/thena.

Feline wealth index

Per this tweet, i am proposing a new proxy economic indicator for ex/urban Malaysian neighbourhoods esp with significant % Muslim households

Doom Patrol

2 weeks in a row that this show made me tear up. Is it me or is this season about growing up and out of youthful delusions?